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23.03.2022 | Klaus Faber AG

Klaus Faber AG, NetPeppers GmbH and Sterlite Technologies Ltd. found FTTx Academy

Klaus Faber AG, NetPeppers GmbH and Sterlite Technologies Ltd. found FTTx Academy

Klaus Faber AG, NetPeppers GmbH and Sterlite Technologies Ltd. found FTTx Academy

The fibre-optic network in Germany is continuously expanding, creating the foundation for faster and faster information and communication technology to transmit data in real-time. In particular in civil engineering and installation industries, this is leading to an increased need for information.

“Entire regions, districts, towns, cities and communities everywhere want to connect to a fibre-optic network as quickly as possible. Many civil engineering companies, whose business has been concentrated on laying copper networks for many years previous, now face big technical and staffing challenges. Inhibitions towards fibre-optic technology need to be reduced and process safety needs to be ensured when installing fibre-optic cable networks,” explains Kai Theile, Head of Broadband & Telecom business unit at Klaus Faber AG.

The aim of the FTTx Academy in your city is to contribute to closing the existing information gap and to provide a platform for sharing information.

“This new format bundles the expertise of the involved companies of Faber, NetPeppers and STL into an informative and hands-on fibre-optic application workshop,” says Frank Schnabl, Sales Manager DACH, Sterlite Technologies Ltd.

In the workshop, the specialists for broadband and telecommunication system solutions provide a hands-on overview of the current state-of-the-art in FTTx installation. The key topics range from fibre production to fibre-optic cable splicing and measuring technology.

Korbinian Meier, Head of Sales at NetPeppers GmbH: “The demand for splicing technology has literally overrun us in the last few months and encouraged us to launch a new device generation. The new technology allows not only for fully automatic fibre detection but it is also extremely easy to use, greatly simplifying the installation of fibre-optic networks. The Academy offers the perfect platform to show how easy splicing applications are.”

Currently, four dates have been planned for the different locations in Germany. The first event is scheduled to take place in May in Düsseldorf, with further events planned for Saarbrücken, Munich and Norderstedt near Hamburg. “We really wanted to present our event series across Germany. We are looking forward very much to sharing insights with our partners and customers,” says Kai Theile.

About Sterlite Technologies Ltd.

STL is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of network components and services for optic-passive components, virtual access solutions, network software and system integration services.

About NetPeppers GmbH

NetPeppers supports data network operators, installers and system engineers with professional measuring technology in all areas. From tools and planning to measuring technology for calibration and troubleshooting, the company has the right solution to make good networks even better.